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Gum Recession

Gum Recession Can Be Avoided By Seeking Early Treatment for Gum Disease

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Factors That Affect Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the gums start to pull back from the roots of your teeth.

Some causes of gum recession include:
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Genetics
  • Tooth Brushing Routine
  • Poor Dental Hygiene
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Tobacco Use
  • Grinding or Clenching of Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth or Bite Misalignment
  • Body Piercing

Gum Disease Affects Your Smile

Receding Gums in Columbia, SC

Many patients we encounter have receding gums in Columbia, South Carolina. Receding gums is a condition that occurs when the tooth roots lose the natural protection that a healthy gum line provides. Gum disease is often the culprit, which is a bacterial infection in the mouth that eats away at healthy gum and bone tissue until the tooth roots are exposed.

Why Gum Recession is a Problem:

• Causes tooth root exposure
• Places the bone that supports teeth at risk of deteriorating
• Makes teeth more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures
• Creates unsightly gaps and spaces between teeth
• Increases risk of tooth decay and tooth loss

Receding gums should be addressed. Dr. Jeanette Wingate and Dr. Bryan Wingate are dentists in Columbia, SC who can stop gum recession and help to prevent bone loss!

Gum Disease, Recession, and Treatment

If you notice that your gum line is shrinking, your teeth seem larger than usual, the teeth have gaps between them, or your gums have notches, dents, or other blemishes, then you are probably experiencing gum recession. These are important symptoms that should prompt you to visit a dentist in Columbia, SC, and we can help!

When gum disease strikes, usually because of poor dental hygiene, the gums are the first target. Without treatment, bacteria trapped between the teeth and gums can eventually destroy healthy tissue until the tooth roots lose their natural cover. When this happens, the smile takes on a new appearance and the bone that keeps the teeth in place is now in danger of deteriorating. When that happens, tooth loss is a serious possibility.

Preventing gum disease requires taking extra good care of your teeth and gums with proper brushing and flossing at least twice a day and visiting our office for checkups and cleanings at least twice a year.

• Genetics: Some people are genetically predisposed to periodontal disease and therefore receding gums.
• Pregnancy: Women who are expecting a child will experience a variety of hormonal changes that can affect their oral health and put them at risk for gum recession.
• Lifestyle choices and behaviors: Smokers or people who chew tobacco are placing their gum health at risk. Mouth piercings are also hard on gum tissue.
• Dental problems: Patients who have problems with their bite or misaligned teeth can often experience gum recession.

Different Ways to Treat Receding Gums in Columbia, South Carolina

• Scaling and root planing and other procedures that reduce periodontal pocket depths
• Soft tissue grafts using donor material from another area to lengthen the gum line
• Protein supplementation procedures

If you have gum recession, finding a good dentist in Columbia, SC is important. Dr. Jeanette Wingate and Dr. Bryan Wingate can treat gum recession. Call us today for your private consultation.

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