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Modern Dentures in Columbia, SC

Dentures in Columbia, SC
Dental partials and full dentures in Columbia, SC with Dr. Jeanette Wingate and Dr. Bryan Wingate are still a popular solution for missing teeth. Although dentures often take some getting used to and may not look and feel as perfect as your own natural teeth, they are still more attractive and functional than dentures of the past.

Two Types of Dentures:

1. Full or complete dentures for patients with no existing teeth

2. Dental partials for patients who need to fill in the spaces between two or more missing teeth

If you have missing teeth, full dentures or dental partials are a cost effective replacement option that will allow you to dine and socialize with confidence again! Call the Wingate team today for a private consultation.

Full or Complete Dentures

Full or complete dentures are designed for patients who are missing all of their natural teeth, usually because of advanced tooth decay or periodontal disease. There are two types of full dentures available:

1. Conventional dentures: These dentures are placed after all of the teeth are extracted and the gum line is fully healed, which usually takes about three months.

2. Immediate dentures: These dentures are fitted on the gum line right away, immediately following tooth extraction. This allows patients to have a functional smile without waiting. However, once healing is complete, a reline of the appliance at three months and then again at six months will be required.

Partial Dentures

Dental partials are designed for patients who still have some of their own natural teeth in the lower or upper jaw. The appliance can be fixed for a permanent smile or removable for easier cleaning. Both devices are anchored between the natural teeth to fill in the gaps.

If you have missing teeth, full dentures in Columbia, SC or a partial denture from Dr. Jeanette Wingate and Dr. Bryan Wingate can give you the smile you desire. Please call us today for a private consultation so that we can examine your mouth and discuss the best option for your needs.

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