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Fluoride in Columbia, SC

Fluoride is a mineral naturally found in nature and a vital component to healthy teeth. Naturally throughout the day, teeth are constantly in a state of demineralization (when the calcium in the tooth microscopically dissolves) and remineralization (when the calcium is put back into the tooth). Once a tooth is demineralized, the primarily and best element to remineralize with the calcium is fluoride. Needless to say, fluoride is essential to strong and healthy teeth!

Fluoride in drinking water

In city water sources, the level of fluoride is monitored so that just the right amount exists in the water. During childhood, too little fluoride results in soft teeth that are prone to cavities and too much fluoride results in teeth that are discolored and often brown in appearance. If you drink city water at home, you and your family will most likely receive adequate fluoride needed for strong and healthy teeth.

If you drink well water at home, speak with us at your next appointment, and we may recommend supplementing your water with fluoride tablets to ensure adequate fluoride, especially for children.

Fluoride Varnish for Children

We often provide children with an extra boost of fluoride when their teeth are young and their oral hygiene skills might not be quite as thorough as an adult. During cleaning appointments, a fluoride coat, or varnish, is painted on the child’s teeth to give them a little extra help at preventing cavities.

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