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Dental Crowns in Columbia, SC

Crowns and Bridges Columbia, SCPatients who have had a root canal in Columbia, SC often need a dental crown following this type of treatment. Dr. Jeanette Wingate and Dr. Bryan Wingate offer endodontic dental care, a branch of dentistry that focuses on curing diseases in the pulp and nerves of teeth. Dental crowns, also called caps, are fitted over existing teeth to improve their appearance or strengthen and protect them after a root canal or other dental procedure.

Why We Use Dental Crowns

• Protect and strengthen teeth after a root canal
• Address weakness or damage caused by tooth decay
• Prevent teeth from cracking or breaking apart or to cover teeth that are already cracked and worn
• Add support to teeth with large fillings and little natural tooth remaining
• Camouflage stained or misshaped teeth
• Anchor and stabilize dental bridges, implants, and other appliances
With us, your smile is in good hands. If you need a dental crown, call us today!

The Dental Crown Procedure

Receiving a dental crown takes two office visits, with one day to prep your tooth and a second day to fit the restoration. Here is what you can expect when you receive a dental crown:

First Visit

• X-rays are taken to make sure that the tooth roots and bone can support a crown (root canals may be necessary first).
• The affected area is numbed with a local anesthetic.
• The surface and sides of the tooth are shaped in order to accommodate the crown.
• An impression is made of the tooth and sent to a lab that creates customized dental crowns, a process which can take up to three weeks.

Second Visit

• The soft tissue is examined to ensure that the gums are in good health and ready to support the new crown.
• The crown is fitted over the tooth and held in place with special dental cement.

Dental crowns in Columbia, South Carolina are a common procedure that Dr. Jeanette Wingate and Dr. Bryan Wingate perform to make smiles strong and beautiful. Call us today for your private consultation.

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